Friday, January 12

An Episode of "Sex and the City" in Eight Lines

1) HBO theme, Sex and the City theme song and opening credits
2) Title of show , which will also be the driving theme of the episode...something like "Penis Envy"
3) Carrie
: "Can New York/modern/today's women succeed in the workplace without losing their feminine softness?"
4) Samantha: "What should I care? I'm just a dirty whore who fucks everyone I meet!"
5) Charlotte: "I'm also a dirty whore, but I giggle and blush whenever anyone says 'penis'!"
6) Miranda: "I'm also a dirty whore, but I have a huge stick up my ass!"
7) Assorted Characters: "You're just a bunch of dirty whores! But you speak to our souls!"
8) Doubtfully happy and thoroughly predictable ending, after a half hour of wanton sex.

And there you have it. If you know what I'm talking about, bring me a drink, faggot.
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