Friday, November 11

Veteran's Day Post

(This post is 24 hours late. Being a social pariah who exists on the fringe of the norm of social etiquette just so I can mock the way all of you live your lives is hard work. Fuck you, it still counts.)

Today we honor the veterans of all wars, foreign and domestic. But let us not forget about those who have served in such unsung wars. That's right, let us remember the heroes of such wars as the War on Drugs, the War on Illiteracy, and the War at Home (just kidding about the "War at Home". It is the most retarded show I've ever seen, and it always makes me wonder: does Michael Rappaport even have eyes?)
I don't think we should honr those who fought to end drug us or illiteracy. No. Fuck those commie elitist bourgeoisie bastards. We sing to honor those who fought to use drugs in the face of oppression. We sing to honor those who looked at words and letters all over the place and said to themselves "NO! I will NOT learn how to read! I don't care to what degree it will inconvenience myself and others; I set out with a dream of working at McDonald's and I will NOT ESCHEW IT TO LEARN HOW TO READ!"
Thanks to all our brave soldiers in these wars. Also, thanks to G. I. Jack, my shining light, my rock. Come home to me soon, baby.

Bring a soldier a drink today. And me.
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