Wednesday, March 9

"Street Smarts" has at least two things wrong with its title

"Street Smarts" is for retards. Where the hell do these idiots get off thinking that this is anything even close to a game show? They do the exact same shit on Leno: go out into a city, ask somebody an easy-ass question, and make fun of the poor sap who got it wrong. How is this worth money? How do people watch this show and suppress the urge to buy a gun and shoot randomly into large crowds?
My roommate had this show on while I was working on a research paper for my independent study class, so as a result no work got done on my paper because I was too busy screaming at the TV. Seriously, who thinks that "Call me Ishmael" is the opening line of Shakespeare? America blows; we need to start using our standardized testing as a sort of active eugenics program. Didn't get above a 20 on the ACT? Too bad, you're dead. Don't know that "oxen" is the plural form of "ox"? Have fun working in the salt mines.
Or maybe we should instate a Huxley-esque country whereby the inferior Deltas do all the menial labor and the gifted Alphas sit in their dorm rooms and write in their shitty blogs all day. That would be sweet.

Long story short, "Street Smarts" has nothing to do with "the street" (as you people of color/colored people/ black people/ whatever the hell you want to be called refer to it) nor does it have anything to do with being smart. If you disagree with me, ask yourself the following questions:
1) Did I get below a 20 on my ACT?
2) Do I enjoy NASCAR?
3) Do I regularly get into arguments with my buddies over one of the following: a) Which car is better among Chevy, Ford, and Dodge, b) Which beer is better between Keystone andPabst, or c) Which pro wrestler is better between Triple H and Steve Austin.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, kill yourself. Now. Don't act like there's not a twelve-gauge in your closet that you'll give up when they "pry it out of your cold dead hands" and a lifetime NRA membership card in your wallet; put the barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger.

Make sure you let me know if they serve alcohol in hell. You know, for my own peace of mind.
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2 Bullshit Responses:

Blogger bulb left the following bullshit...

I just hate people that are funnier than me. Makes me want to get drunk and shoot somebody.

4:22 AM  
Blogger Le chameau insatiable left the following bullshit...

Having a guiness, mellows down the anger. So funny, love it. (or maybe the guiness makes me laugh ?)

8:24 PM  

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