Thursday, February 10

A Borrowed Post from a friend of mine.

Scary Adam, a close friend of mine and a guy with whom I live, shares my views on a lot of things. Posted below is a piece he wrote about university feminists and why they suck:

"A lady friend of mine made an interesting remark last night. I kept calling all the girls out partying and drinking and flashing their tits for beads a bunch of disgusting sluts. She responded by saying that I don't say things like that about the frat boys who are just as bad or worse. Leaving aside the fact that I'm just as disgusted by those neanderthals, I'll say this. The reason I'm not as openly critical of guys who get wasted and commit pornographic acts on the dance floor is because they have no pretensions about it; they know they're a bunch of backwards-cap wearing human meatheads who are riding a 2.0 GPA in Business. They haven't ever pretended to be anything more or less than the chauvanistic barbarians that they are.

Girls, however, engage in all of the most idiotic and whorish activities on the weekends but then show up to Women's Studies classes bitching about their portrayal in Society and in the Media. Makes me sick! I'm sorry, but you can't dress like a slut, get trashed, and then practically get fucked on the dance floor and expect me to take that feminist rhetoric seriously. At least all the dumbass males don't turn around after a weekend of debauchery and bitch about how they're persecuted and stereotyped. These girls are hypocrites. So there's my explanation for the double standard.

The day the bar sluts and party whores cut the hyposcrisy, I will rescind my statements and they might even have my respect. Because we all know what an honor it is to have my respect. But until then I will look at them in the same light I do now, and their male counterparts will continue to occupy a slightly higher circle of Hell than they do."

Beautiful. I couldn't have said it better myself.
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